Product Sentiment Analytics

Power Data-Driven Product Improvements that Maximize Sales

What Drives Your Key Decisions?

Brands and retailers typically have extensive product portfolios. Knowing exactly where and how to make adjustments to drive meaningful business impact is a huge challenge.

How do you know how each product resonates with shoppers? Are they marketed correctly? Does the information provided at point of sale generate realistic expectations?

Why Product Sentiment Analytics?

Powered by Natural Language Processing, Product Sentiment Analytics is built specifically to mine unstructured customer product ratings and reviews data to surface trends and inform strategic product decisions.

Remember: UGC, unlike other forms of customer feedback across other channels, is almost always constructive and therefore includes extremely powerful, actionable, and context-rich insights. Product Sentiment Analytics ensures you fully embrace this opportunity.

What is Product Sentiment Analytics?

Product Sentiment Analytics enables you to analyze product performance – both on an individual or collective basis – to guide improvements that drive the biggest impact for your business.

Specifically, now you can:

Interact with customer review data to drill into specific products, categories, and custom product groupings to understand customer sentiment and trends.
Surface key topics and descriptors immediately and track how sentiment trends over time.
Enhance messaging, packaging and product details to address consumer preferences, questions and even concerns.
Better understand why a certain product did or didn’t sell as well as anticipated and make necessary adjustments.
Easily share reports across teams and prove intuitions by backing every decision with objective data to generate buy-in across your business.
Save resource-intensive and expensive analysis and investigative time.

How does Product Sentiment Analytics do what it does?

Product Sentiment Analytics analyzes all of your product ratings and reviews content leveraging our sophisticated and powerful text analytics platform. Gain comprehensive insight into consumer sentiment across your entire product portfolio. 

Powered by AI and Natural Language Processing, Product Sentiment Analytics draws on UGC (ratings, reviews, visual and Q&A content) data from more than 1.5MM product pages across 1,200 brand and retail sites. And so far, the analytics engine has processed over 53M consumer reviews, revealing more than 2M unique topics consumers care about.

This empowers you to make product and messaging improvement decisions completely grounded in data.

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