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Measure, size, and define UGC impact on the buyer journey

How do Consumers Interact with Your UGC?

User-Generated Content (ratings, reviews and visual media from customers) is proven to have a huge impact on the online shopping journey. Often, it’s the driving factor in converting browsers to buyers along the path to purchase.

But most are unable to size or even define this impact. They have no way of knowing the extent of consumer interactions with UGC and the precise nature of it.

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More than three-quarters of online shopping traffic across brands and retailers leveraging PowerReviews technology interacts with at least some form of UGC (i.e. visual media, Q&A, reviews, ratings)
What is PDP Site Analytics?

Product Detail Page (PDP) Site Analytics provides visibility into how consumers interact with each of your product pages, delivering exceptional insight on the path to purchase. See exactly what UGC shoppers consume and the impact this has on the buyer journey. 

PDP Site Analytics enables you to:

Deduce exactly how your site visitors interact with UGC and which content (ratings, reviews, Q&A content, user-generated visual content) is most helpful in driving shoppers to convert.
Establish the subsequent action shoppers take after they consume UGC (i.e. purchase or non-purchase) and incorporate this key insight into your analysis.
Establish precisely the type of content that has the biggest impact on conversion – be this on an individual product basis or holistically across your entire catalog. Answer questions like: Does consumer imagery or video make purchasing a product more likely? What about product Q&A content? How big an impact do different star ratings have on purchase decisions? And much more.
Optimize your UGC program to ensure you’re focused on generating content that performs best.
1 %
Online shoppers that interact with some form of UGC are 103% more likely to convert. Q&A is the most impactful content (153% increase in conversion), followed by reviews (115% increase in conversion) and imagery (81% increase in conversion).*
*Based on analysis across all brands and retailers leveraging PowerReviews technology in comparison to general visitor trends.
How does PDP Site Analytics do what it does?

PDP Site Analytics captures key consumer interaction and behavior insight across your product pages. Specifically, it incorporates:

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visitors filter for 1 star reviews. These visitors still convert at 108% the rate of general web traffic.
*Based on analysis across all brands and retailers leveraging PowerReviews technology in comparison to general visitor trends.

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