Operational Reporting

Optimize Your UGC Program Leveraging Comprehensive ROI Intelligence

How Valuable is Your UGC Program?

UGC is proven to have critical impact on sales performance, providing the credibility, validation and social proof necessary to convert browsers to buyers.

However, brands and retailers struggle to size this accurately, reliably and with complete precision. This is invaluable information for understanding the tangible ROI of your UGC program, the investments supporting it (such as our technology) and then demonstrating and communicating this value across your business right up to the C-suite.

Products receive a 65% increase in sales lift on average when they move from 0 to 1+ reviews.
What is Operational Reporting?

Operational Reporting provides extensive and comprehensive analytic capabilities to understand the performance of your UGC program, communicate this as appropriate, and then take the necessary action to drive desired improvements.

It enables you to:

Understand UGC coverage, volume, engagement and moderation throughput.
Track all UGC — from content collected natively on your site, through sampling campaigns, or shared through syndication with retail partners.
Analyze review trends at the brand, category or product level.
Establish ROI and key improvement opportunities with high-level summary reports.
Track all trends identified over time, drawing on extensive historical data that highlights the effectiveness of key events (i.e. new product launches).
Schedule specific push reports as you need to, enabling you to share essential insights across your company. Communicate the value you’re delivering to your stakeholders, boss or right up to the C-Suite.
At PowerReviews, we take great pride in our genuinely market-leading support and consultation services. A dedicated Customer Success Manager will work with you to analyze and interpret the trends highlighted by our Operational Reporting engine – and, based on the results, then help you optimize your UGC program.
How does Operational Reporting do what it does?

Our Operational Reporting capabilities enable you to analyze every single piece of UGC data (including ratings, review content, imagery, and Q&A content) you capture across all products.

Reports are easily digestible and can be scheduled to be sent to w币圈app都有哪些homever you choose (when you choose) or accessed through the Portal 24/7.

This information enables you to demonstrate the value of your UGC program, while identifying any gaps and issues you need to address to drive improved performance and sales.


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